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Study Guide for Romans 1:8-17


(become familiar with the text)

  • Overview: Read the passage twice. Read it once more, but this time, out loud.
  • Confusion: what words, phrases, or verses raised questions for you?
  • Inspiration: what words, phrases, or verses encourage you?
  • Understanding: what have you learned about God, yourself, or the world?
  • Application: How is God calling you to think or act differently?
  • Summarize: What is the primary theme of this passage in a single sentence?


(dig into the context)

  • Describe Paul’s relationship with the Christians in Rome. Be as specific as possible!
  • Reread Romans 1:8-10. Describe the qualities of Paul’s prayer life. What example does Paul set for us?
  • Since Paul’s readers had faith (v. 8), why was he eager to preach the gospel to them? Didn’t they already know the gospel?
  • Reread Romans 1:16-17. How does this passage define and describe the gospel?
  • What are some keywords in this passage?


(personalize the truth in your life)

  • How would you explain the following words to a non-Christian: gospel, faith, righteousness
  • Consider your thankfulness to God and others. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your thankfulness to God? Make a list of ten things and ten people you are thankful for. Would others consider you a thankful person?
  • God’s design for Christians is that they would encourage and strengthen one another spiritually. Practically speaking, what could this look like?
    • Do you have anyone in your life who helps you grow spiritually? Are you this kind of friend to others?
    • What changes do you need to make in order to give, and receive, spiritual encouragement?
  • Paul clearly understood his “mission” from God: he was called to preach the gospel to the Gentiles.
    • What do you think God’s plan for your life might be?
    • Consider that Paul was eager (1:15) to do God’s mission for his life. What kinds of activities get you excited and tap into your passions?
  • Why wasn’t Paul ashamed of the gospel? How does his attitude encourage or challenge you?